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You may only join as an institute/association members or a professional members.

An institute/association member
An institute/association member of the International Consulting Association and CMC association federation.
Only for the institute/association of the world-wide.
This category of membership is for those individuals who hold a full membership in their "home" association. Individuals are required to provide proof of membership in good standing in their home institute/association.
International Consulting Association members are NOT voting members and may not receive the full benefits of the association. the Associate Member dues are $3000.

A firm Member
International Consulting Association don't directly accept firm members to join, you may join the institute/association of your country or region.

A CMC® Member A Certified Member is a CMC® who is in good standing and has demonstrated competence and understanding in a range of consulting situations against an agreed standard and has agreed to abide by the International Consulting Association and CMC® association Code of Ethics.
A CMC® must meet the following criteria:
If you are a consultant
• Document 5 cases experience in the full time practice of management consulting, with major responsibility for client engagements during at least one of those years.
If you are a senior managers of enterprises
• 4 years senior management experience and 5 internal or external management promotion projects.
Common demands
• Possess a degree from an Accredited College or University.
• Provide multiple references, most of them from officers or executives of clients served
• Provide written summaries of client engagements
• Pass a qualifying interview by other CMC®.s
A cmc® Member annual dues are $200.

A Professional Member
is a senior manager or management consultant, who agrees to subscribe to the International Consulting Association and CMC association Code of Ethics and who may choose to work towards the Institute's professional qualification. The applicant must provide evidence of AT LEAST ONE of the criteria listed below:
• Minimum of four-years experience as a management consultant.
• At least four-years experience in management.
• At least four years experience in a technical or professional specialty.
• Masters Degree in Business or related field (e.g., MBA ).
• Currently working as a consultant within an International Consulting Association Accredited Practice.
Professional members are voting members and receive the full benefits of the Institute. Professional Member annual dues are $50.

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