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Welcome to join the CMC Association / International Consulting Association, the global professional association union and a not for profit organization, Provide support for management industry associations and consulting industry associations in various countries or regions.
CMC Association / International Consulting Associationwas formed in 2007 in London by the America, Europe, Asia association and the famous professionals organization. It is an legal association officially approved by the UK government.

CMC Association / International Consulting Association is an international membership organization union and a network of the management associations and consultancy associations worldwide, who have a common purpose and shared values and goals.
CMC Association / International Consulting Association is to assist in the promotion and development of the profession of management and consultancy in global by providing support to its constituent national association membership in those areas where a collective voice is stronger than the sum of its individual members.

Another goal of the CMC Association is to promote a closer working relationship between all management institutes and consulting institutes to the registration or certification of individual management and consultants ( Certified Management Consultant ). The purpose of this closer working relationship is to accelerate the achievement of mutual goals of the national institutes, particularly to assist them in raising the standards of the profession of management and consulting and to create worldwide recognition and acceptance of the CMC® mark and the ICC® mark.
The CMC mark is awarded by the CMC Association / International Consulting Association to senior manager or consultant in compliance with the CMC-4E2C global standards, It is certified that the member have achieved the international level in higher Education, Experience and project cases, Examinations and assessments, Ethics and personal behavior, management Competency and consultant Competency.

As leader of the CMC's Dealing with the management industry, the CMC® has launched a new report, Getting more from the same , addressing how manager or consultant could increase levels by up to a fifth.

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