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CMC refers to the CMC association. The CMC® badge is awarded by the CMC association / International Consulting Association to senior manager or consultant in compliance with the CMC-4E2C global standards, It is certified that the member have achieved the international level in higher Education, Experience, Examinations, Ethics, management Competency and consultant Competency.

The intellectual property of CMC is owned by more than 50 organizations in different countries and regions, These organizations use the CMC logo to recognize each other internationally.

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CMC System (Certified Management or Certified Consultant Qualifaction) 2024


CMC - Certified Management Consultant Qualifaction

As leader of the CMC's Dealing with the management industry, the CMC® has launched a new report, Getting more from the same , addressing how manager or consultant could increase levels by up to a fifth.

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Membership The US and UK consulting market

The US and UK consulting market is the largest outside with a current value of around £8bn and is helping to deliver some of the most innovative and ambitious organisational change projects in the world.


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The 2024/03 version of the CMC®/CMC® careers guide is now available in hard copy. you can request your copy to learn more about consulting.


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